Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey Boston, need a roof?

The 2009 schedule was completed sometime last August, and at the time, no one envisioned the Rays would begin this season as the defending AL champs.

Well, no one outside of Tampa Bay maybe.

So that's why the Rays are in Boston this week for the first series of the season.

Would have been nice had MLB switched the opening series to Tampa Bay so the defending champs could open at home and raise the pennant on Opening Day.

Seems like a good idea now that today's game at Fenway Park was rained out.

It's raining here, too.

But the dome would ensure that there would be baseball today.

Why the Rays don't open at home every year against a northern team that plays outdoors is a mystery.

But when it comes to logic and Major League Baseball, there are many mysteries.

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