Friday, March 6, 2009

Call him Mr. Johnson

Call him Mr. Johnson.

Elliot Johnson homered to right to start the second inning. It was his team-leading second homer of the spring.

Johnson doesn't look like much, but he's got a little pop in his bat. He once homered in three consecutive at-bats in the minor leagues, homering in the first, second and third innings.

Carlos Pena's is 2-for-2 with three RBIs after his two-run double in the second.

An RBI single by Gabe Gross gives the Rays a 6-0 lead.

It was an interesting inning for the Rays.

Fernando Perez reached on a bunt single and stole second. Gross also stole second.

Home runs, two-run doubles, bunt singles and stolen bases.

Thunder and lightening, that's what the 2009 Rays will be.


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