Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Izzy, Sheff and a five-run lead

Joe Maddon arrived less than an hour before first pitch. He and pitching coach Jim Hickey were caught in traffic as they neared the ballpark.

Maddon said the Rays have talked with Jason Isringhausen this morning and discussed ways to keep the reliever on the roster. Click over to Rays Confidential for the skinny.

Maddon knew the Tigers released Gary Sheffield this morning, but wasn't aware Sheffield said he would like to continue his career in Tampa Bay. Maddon said he took that as a compliment.

Don't hold you're breath, Gary. You don't fit in with your hometown club.

As for the game,

Mike Joyce and Gabe Gross both hit two-run homers in the fourth inning off Clay Buchholz. It was the first homers of the year for both.

Joyce has done nothing but impress Maddon since joining the team less than two weeks ago. His calf issues are behind him. Right now, he looks better than both Gabes - Gross and Kapler.

Rays lead 5-0 with the Sox coming to bat in the bottom of the fourth.

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