Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bottom of the 1st

Chieng-Ming Wang. Mike Mussina. And now, Erik Bedard.

The Rays have faced their share of hurlers thus far, but Iwamura uses his greatest asset - speed - to leg out a slow roller for an infield hit.

Crawford bounces a single uo the middle. Meanwhile, the outfield seats that were empty moments ago are beginning to fill.

Know what? Trpoicana Field feels like a - GASP!- real baseball stadium! And Aki and Crawford are exciting - both move up 90 feet on Pena's flyout to center.

Alas, however, these still are the RAYS: Upton strikes out on a pitch that was so high it breezed the catwalk, and Gomes, Mr. Ray himself, grounds out.

Aki and Crawford are stranded. And we're scoreless after one.

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