Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hinske homers; no more no-no for Batista

Eric Hinske breaks up Batista's no-hitter with a home run into the right-center field seats with one out in the fourth.

Rays 1, Mariners 0

That was Hinske's second home run of the year. He also homered on Opening Day in Baltimore.

Gomes follows with a single over the head of Mariner first baseman Richie Sexson.

That's the first time the Rays have had back-to-back hits since Aki and C.C. singled to start the first inning Tuesday night, a span of 20 innings.

that's all the hitting for the Rays this innning.

You want a sad stat? The Rays haven't had more than two hits in any inning during this homestand, and they've played 21 innings.

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