Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bottom of the 7th

Pet peeves:

1. People who look at my cart at the grocery store.
2. People who refer to the pitching circle in softball as a "mound."
3. People who say Cracker JackS. It's singular, folks. Cracker Jack.

Roy Corcoran has come in to spell Bedard, and he whiffs Pena.

Upton grounds a rug-burner up the first-base line, but his out trying to stretch it into a triple. He looked safe on the replay. Hell, he was safe. Manager Joe Maddon knows it - and he's ejected for doing so.

And the crowd is full force, peppering the field with boos.

(Even the fans have heart this year.)

Gomes goes down looking. More good news for the boo-birds.

6-5 Seattle.

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