Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bottom of the 5th

The Aquafina bottle takes a big lead, but is tackled by the Pepsi bottle. In a scene reminscient of "Rocky II," both fall to the floor, and Sierra Mist wins the first bottle race of the year.

Inspried by Sierra Mist's thrilling win, Crawford has a long at bat against Bedard - but breaks his bat and lines out to second. Kinda like the first "Rocky."

(I wonder if Bedard is Russian? That way, we could get some kind of "Rocky IV" reference in here.)

Crawford and Upton walk, and up steps Mr. Ray himself, Gomes. Wonder if he'll actually earn his cheers here.

He does - kind of. His slow roller is fielded by Beltre at third, but his throw to second in an attempt to force Upton goes into right field. The Rays, without the benefit of a hit, have drawn even.

And checl this out - Gomes swipes second, allowing Upton to steal home. The Rays are manufacturing runs, looking like a real baseball team.

And a winning team - they lead 5-4 after five.

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