Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top of the 6th

Hey, Bartlett can play. He makes another nice grab at short...the Rays don't look half bad...I am impressed.

The Mariners ain't bad, either. Suzuki singles, and on a textbook hit-and-run, he heads to third on Lopez's hit.

Now Glover is in trouble. But Beltre helps him, swinging at the first pitch and fouling out to Riggans. Lopez tags up, however, putting runnerson second and third with two outs. The Rays appeal Lopez's tag, but the umpires wave him safe, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

Once again, the Rays are intenionally loading the bases, issuing Ibanez his second intentional walk of the game. The last ttime they tried this, Garza walked Sexson with the bases loaded. How will Glove fair?

With the crowd roaring to its feet, Glover winds, deals...and serves up a two-run single. The Mariners are back on top, 6-5, and all the air is let out of the Trop.

Glover goes with it - Dan Wheeler comes in, and gets Wilkerson to pop out.

6-5 Seattle.

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