Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top of the 3rd

All right, Garza - you got a lead.

What'cha gonna do with it? Why, serve up a lead off single to Yuniesky Betancourt, of course!

(I swear - the Mariners may have the hardest lineup to type in the entire American League. Makes me long for the days of blogging about Jason Bay and Jack Wilson).

Garza ain't fooling anyone. Suzuki lines a single to center, and the Mariners have two on and none out. Garza has allowed five hits and is nearing 50 pitches - but he makes a nice play on Lopez's swinging bunt, though the M's now have runners on second and third and one out.

After striking out Beltre, Garza intentionally walks Ibanez, loading the bases for Sexson. Uh, they do know Sexson is approaching 300 career home runs, right?

Garza does - he walks Sexson, tying the game at 1. Then Wilkerson, hitting a robust .056, singles in two more runs, and it's 3-1 Seattle. The good vibes buzzing through the Trop have evaporated - as has Garza's control, as he walks Vidro, hitting .158.

Better news? Garza just motioned for the Rays' trainer. Seconds later, he walks off the mound, replaced by Scott Dohmann.

And the Rays are flopping like it's 1999. They trail 3-1.

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