Friday, February 29, 2008

Bottom 3 - Rays at Reds

Reds SS prospect Paul Janish (pronounced Yanish) doubles to right to lead of the inning. Some might remember Janish from his time with Rice when he won a national championship. One of his teammates back then was Rays pitching prospect Jeff Niemann. I'll have to check but I believe Niemann is throwing this weekend.

Janish advances to third on a long fly ball to center, but Upton gets a nice chance to show off his arm. Easy, B.J., it's the first game of spring training. The Rays don't need you throwing at your shoulder. Save that cannon for when in it counts. Though it is nice to know it's there when you need it.

Janish scores the first run on a sac fly from Norris Hopper. Jason Hammell started this inning on the mound, by the way. That's all the Reds could muster as Griffey watched the last out from on deck. He'll lead off next inning, unless he calls it a very early day. That would be allowed. He's Ken Griffey Jr., after all.

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