Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 8 - Rays at Reds

Eric Hinske game to much adulation from the fans. One of the hecklers tells him to jack one, then someone asks who he came up with. They of course remember him for his short run with the Red Sox. If you want to be a somewhat middling player with a high Q Factor, play for the Yankees and Red Sox, and you will be famous forever. Hinske had his best years with the Blue Jays and even won a Rookie of the Year with them, but one of the Hinske fans in front of me asked who he came up with.

On the mound, Scott Sauerbeck struggled mightily, loading the bases and being helped by his catcher picking off a player at second base. That gave him his first out of the inning, but the bases were still jacked when Cannizaro came in and walked to force home the Rays' fourth run of the game. John Jaso, the Rays catcher of the future stepped to the plate. He hit a double play ball, but after recording the out, the shortstop's throw went high and into the dugout. Two more runs crossed. Sauerbeck is done and the Rays have a comfortable 6-2 lead heading into the bottom of the eighth.

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