Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 9 - Rays at Reds

Ben Zobrist doesn't want extra innings. He leads off with an infield hit. Let's see if the Rays can do a little manufacturing.

Jeff Brantley sighting. He's sitting in the front row behind home plate with a binder on his lap. The former Red, among other teams, was working for ESPN last time we saw him. Maybe he's doing some research.

While I thought about Brantley, Justin Ruggiano hit a hot shot down the third base line, which the Reds' third sacker snagged and tossed to first to retire the batter. That was Ryan Freel making that fine play, but his effort was in vein when Eric Hinske "singled" home the go-ahead run, scoring Zobrist.

We put the word singled in quotes because that was very generous of the scorekeeper to call that a hit. Looked like an error by the second baseman from here. Nonetheless, the Rays take the lead and Houser stands to be the winner as we head to the bottom of the ninth with the Rays up 7-6.

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