Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 4 - Rays at Reds

Edinon Volquez sailed through his first five outs, then hit Jonny Gomes high and tight, bringing Longoria to the place. These two might have faced each other in the minors at some point last year. Evan Longoria, ladies and gents, doubles home Gomes with a hard drive off the wall in left center. That ball might have gone out on a warmer day and without a breeze. Dunn just turned and ran when he saw it was sailing over his head.

Now Volquez is rattled. He walked Bartlett with Shawn Riggans on deck, prompting a visit to the mound. Riggans singles Longoria home, and the Rays have their first lead of the spring. All of this has gone down with two outs.

Dusty Baker has seen enough. New pitcher Justin Leher doesn't help matters for the Reds, balking home Bartlett. John (The Rocket) Rodriguez goes down to end the rally. Some might remember him from his days with the Cardinals. He can hit it a ton, but he strikes out a lot, too.

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