Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 2 - Rays at Reds

Kinda wish I hadn't eaten in the press room. There is a Skyline Chili stand here, and boy is that taking my back to my college days at the University of Dayton. You can't throw a rock without it hitting a Skyline Chili in the Cincinnati area, but they are a fairly regional franchise and you don't see that logo around here very much. The chili is an acquired taste (kind of sweet and not at all thick) but it's part of the Southwest Ohio experience, and during spring training you can have it in Southwest Florida.

Homer Bailey settled in that inning and retired the side. Bailey is very similar to the Rays Matt Garza. He's a big, hard throwing right hander with great stuff and big-time prospect status. But like Garza, Bailey has been erratic with his stuff and still needs to refine a few things about his game before he can be an upper-echelon pitcher. Bailey, too, was involved in trade talk this summer, but the difference was the Reds held him, while Garza was sent south.

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