Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 1st - Rays at Reds

The second pitch of the game, and we already have a close call line drive into the stands on the third base side. Spring training is a double-edged sword that way. Closer to the players and the field, means close to the hot shots. The ushers quickly checked on the section and the man looks to have caught a piece of the ball, but he waived off medical help. A similar thing might happen later in the game and it's certain to go down many times over the course of the month.

Carl Crawford singled to left in his first "official" at bat of the spring. Fantasy baseball freaks, take note. He might hit 1.000 this season. And since he stole third in double theft with Carlos Pena, 100 SBs doesn't seem out of the question. No one does that anymore. Anyway, Reds pitcher escaped a bases-loaded one-out jam, as the Rays squander an opportunity.

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