Friday, February 29, 2008

Bottom 6 - Rays at Reds

Sonnanstine gets only one inning. Hmm. But on the bright side we do get a look at Grant Balfour, who joined the Rays late last year and showed signs he will help the team out of the pin. He came up in the Twins organization, and it seems like the Rays and Twins are on a player-share program like we did one year in Little League. On another note, Reds "super-ute" Ryan Freel is kind of an established player to just now be getting his first AB.

What's this? Already some chatter between the Reds dugout and the home plate ump. That has to be a record. Maybe it's something left over from last year, you know, from when the games actually counted.

You might want to pick up Paul Janish for your fantasy team, because I just saw where Reds SS Alex Gonzales has a broken knee and will be reevaluated in three weeks. A broken knee sounds like more than a three-week thing, but I guess there are degrees of severity.

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