Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bottom 1 - Rays at Reds

Edwin Jackson walked the lead-off man to start the bottom of 1. Joe Maddon, who gave Jackson a spot in the rotation earlier this week, can't be excited to see that. Jackson's biggest problem has been his ability to throw strikes consistently. He's shown flashes of brilliance when controls the zone, but he can implode when runners get on base.
Norris Hopper's single moves Patterson to second, and now the Reds are in the same spot the Reds were in in the first half. Let's see if Jackson handles it as well as Cueto.
So far so good, as Jeff Keppinger flied out to CF. Upton came up throwing and fired a rocket toward third base. Patterson faked a go at third, but he knew better and would have been gunned if he tried.
Jackson induces a 5-4-3 double play to escape his jam. Both pitchers did a nice job of extricating themselves from trouble, but Jackson's might have been more impressive because he did it without relying on K. Jackson came up a hot-shot prospect, who relied too much on his ability to strike people out. It's a sign of growth that he can pitch without having to blow it past everyone.

Reds 0, Rays 0

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