Friday, March 28, 2008

Bottom of the 3rd

A pair of fans are carrying a bed sheet through the crowd, trying to solicit votes for the new stadium that may be built on this site.

I hope it passes, only because I'd hate to see what would come of this land if another ballyard isn't built here.

Meanwhile, the Rays are building something - a hit batsman and a walk puts two on for Crawford, and his double to right scores Jason Bartlett, putting runners on second and third and none out for the heart of the order, beginning with Pena.

Pena walks on four pitches, and this is what you want - bases full for your clean-up guy, who in this case, is B.J. Upton.

(I'd switch Pena and Upton, personally.)

So much for drama - Upton goes down looking at a 1-2 pitch. Hinske fouls out. The Rays' once-promising rally falls on the shoulders of, you guessed it, Mr. Ray himself - Jonny Gomes.

He give it a rip, but Hairston Jr. runs it down in deep center, and the Rays leave 'em loaded.

2-0 Tampa Bay.

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