Friday, March 28, 2008

Top of the 9th

Troy Percival is in for the Rays, and he is a HUGE question mark. If healthy, he can be perhaps the most dependable closer the Rays have had. If injuries creep back into his body, Tampa Bay's bullpen plan is kaput.

His allows a pair of sharp singles to start the ninth here before getting Hairston to foul out. But Jeff Keppinger singles in a run, and the Reds are beginning to pull away.

Prior to the start of the inning, the mention of the Rays moving to Port Charlotte next spring was greeted with a chorus of boos. You would have thought Shelly Duncan was spotted in the bleachers. I'm wondering how the Rays will draw next year, and wondering how many people who live in St. Pete will head to Port Charlotte for spring training - especially since the Rays play in St. Petersburg from April to September.

Percival allows no further damage. The Reds lead 6-3, as we head into what could be the final half inning in the history of Al Lang Field.

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