Saturday, March 29, 2008

Top 3 - Rays at Reds

I was scanning the crowd for familiar faces in the scouting area but nobody jumped out at me. I did, however, see a couple of Lakewood Ranch High softball players -- Kayla Schappacher and Brittany Kilduff.
Crawford, who is having a fine spring, flew out to CF to start the third. I have three fantasy teams this season, and Crawford is on all of them. I like the guy, and he's a great fantasy player, so he was a target. Now, if he has a bad season he's dead to me. Doesn't take much to get on my bad side.
Carlos Pena, who I have on one of my fantasy teams, walks. That's probably the last time I mention my fantasy team, but I won't swear to it.
Pena was stranded on first as Upton and Hinske were retired. Hinske, who earned a job this spring, has struck out both at bats today. Cueto doesn't look like a strikeout pitcher, but he certainly is.

Rays 1, Reds 0

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