Saturday, March 29, 2008

Top 2 - Rays at Reds

Far from a packed house here today at Ed Smith. This surprises me, since it's the last game of spring and the hometown Rays are here as well. But it's a beautiful, warm spring day and I guess everybody decided to spend it at the beach or at backyard BBQs.
Cueto is in a a jam once again. He walked Gomes to lead-off, then Dioner Navarro nubbed a spinning roller down the third base line.
Edwin Encarnacion, who was playing deep because, well, it's Dioner Navarro, ran in and picked it up and tried to throw him out at first, but the ball sailed over Joey Votto's head and into the stands.
With runners on second and third, Jacon Barlett chopped a ball to third and Gomes scored with ease as Encarnacion made the play to first.
If you had to compare Cueto to anybody in baseball, it would have to be Pedro Martinez. He's a small guy, but he throws hard and seems to have all the pitches. Cueto, of course, has a long, long way to go to come close to Pedro Martinez, but comparisons in body type and stuff aren't too far off. Jackson flew out to first and Navarro stayed put at second. Then Cueto caught Iwamura looking. Cueto hasn't pitched great these first two innings, but one can see what the Reds see in their No. 2 prospect. The run he allowed was unearned.

Rays 1, Reds 0

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