Friday, March 28, 2008

Top of the fifth

Lo and behold - Garza gets the first guy of the inning! Yes, Encarnacion grounds out to short, marking the first time today the first Red didn't reach against Garza, who has been efffective this afternoon.

The trend doesn't last - Scott Hatteberg singled to center. Speaking of Hatteberg, I remember covering high school sports in Pennslyvania, and a baseball player telling me he idolized Hatteberg.


He read Moneyball, and apparently, Hatteberg fit the model well. I wonder if Tyler Scudder feels the same way today?

Anyhoo, Garza his losing some mojo - he walked Ross after allowing Hatteberg's single, and he's down 2-0 to Joey Votto. Garza, who has thrown over 20 innings in five starts this spring, may be tiring.

Garza gets another out before his defense fails him - Upton flubs an easy fly in center, and both runs score, knotting the game at 2.

It's 2-2.

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