Saturday, March 29, 2008

Top 7 - Rays at Reds

Journeyman pitcher Jim Brower takes the hill for the Reds. Jim Brower, this is your life. You were drafted in 1994 in the sixth round by the Texas Rangers. By 1999 you had made the big leagues with the Indians. You pitched there for three years, then split parts of 2002 between Montreal, yes Montreal, and Cincy. You then put together a couple solid seasons in 2003 and 2004 with the Giants, throwing a combined 193 innings over the course of two years. You started 2005 with the Giants but were released after a terrible start to the season and ended up signing with the Braves. In 2006, you spent time with the Orioles and Padres. The Yankees gave you three-plus innings last season. You were once part of a trade involving Livan Hernandez. And you just escaped the seventh without allowing a run, despite putting two runners on. Jim Brower, this was your life.

Reds 5, Rays 4

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