Saturday, March 29, 2008

Top 9 - Rays at Reds

Jon Adkins is in to pitch for the Reds. Blady-blah-blah. Hey, it's the last inning and I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been blogging for you, whoever you are out there. This has been a great spring, and I hope we helped bring the sights and sounds and food to you as if you were down here in sunny Florida sitting next to us.
Billy Blanks might not approve of my blogging techniques, but I try my best. I leave it all in the press box. I give it 110 percent. I take it game-by-game.
As a line drive zips into the stands, I thank the lord above for saving me from seeing the wrong end of a Rawlings baseball.
The Rays just lost 8-4, but I was just getting started.
I hope you keep reading these spring blogs, but if you want some real advice, the best thing you can do is come down to Florida and watch some of these games. It's the best vacation you can take. You can't be sad or angry at a spring training baseball game.
And that's why I'm sad we have to say goodbye to the boys of spring. Back to the real world we go. All good things must end. I will also say goodbye to you, my loyal readers. One last time, this is Douglas A. Kaid signing off from sunny Florida.

Final score: Reds 8, Rays 4

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