Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bottom 2 - Rays at Reds

Big Adam Dunn leads off the inning for the Reds. It's odd to me he's hitting fifth today behind Brandon Phillips, but what do I know? I remember watching Frank Thomas play when he was in his prime, and it was almost like his first name was Big. That's how everybody prefaced him. Thomas is still around, and still big, but Dunn seems to have taken away the Big name. While he is big size-wise, Dunn is also a big strikeout candidate. He's good for well into over 100 every year. Jackson got him this time.
Joey Votto, another Reds top prospect, steps to the plate. He's not rated as high as Jay Bruce, but Votto plays first base and Dusty Baker wanted some power out of that spot. They had been going with Scott Hatteberg, who is an excellent hitter but doesn't give a team the power it needs out of a power position. Votto is a slow starter, but if the Reds stick with him don't be surprised if he hits at least 20 HRs this season. I wonder, though, if he struggles whether he won't get a quick hook because the Reds still have Hatteberg around.
Votto hit a two-out single, and Ross pounded a ball to right field. Gomes initially took a step in, but regrouped and made the catch fading back on the low liner.

Rays 1, Reds 0

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